Monday, January 10, 2011

Bodyart Swimsuit Model Bethany Dempsey Body Paintings 14 Photos

Today, our body paint girl is the beautiful Bethany Dempsey. Body paint model Bethany Dempsey (age 26 years) is the wife of US soccer player Clint Dempsey. Bethany Dempsey basically an educational psychologist. Clint and Bethany have a daughter named Elyse. In her first modeling Bethany appear as body painted girl in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The body paintings of Bethany Dempsey was photographed by Yu Tsai in New York and Bodypaint by artist Joanne Gair. Watch Bethany Dempsey beautiful Swimsuit body paintings pictures (14 Photos of bodyart Swimsuit model Bethany Dempsey).

Bethany Dempsey Body Painting. Traditional 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition features girlfriend and wives of the world's best soccer player U.S. midfielder Clint Dempsey. Bethany Dempsey show her support in painted jerseys and bikinis.
Bethany Dempsey Body art
body paintings Bethany Dempsey.

Interview with painted model Bethany Dempsey-

Why did you decide to get body-painted for the Swimsuit Edition?
I had first known I was in consideration for the World Cup wives feature when they told me that it would be with body paint. I was a little unsure, but I looked at some of the past body paint features in SI and other work by Joanne Gair. Her work was really amazing so I decided to do it.
bodyart Bethany Dempsey.

How long did it take?
I think it actually took around 15 hours (just the painting).
hot bodyart paint Bethany Dempsey.

What did you do to stave off boredom while you were being painted?
Normally I am chasing around a one-year-old and doing a million things, so it was actually kind of nice to have nothing to do but sit still. We also listened to a lot of music and just chatted so it didn't seem boring.

Bethany Dempsey Body photography
Do you feel naked when the paint is on?
You don't feel naked, because you look in the mirror and it looks like you are wearing a swimsuit. The detailing is amazing.
Bethany Dempsey Body Paint
Bethany Dempsey Body cloth Paintings

Bethany Dempsey sexy Body Paint
body art Bethany Dempsey Body Pictures
body paint Bethany Dempsey
Bethany Dempsey Clint Dempsey daughter Elyse.

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