Monday, January 10, 2011

Body Art Competition Exhibition Body Paintings Festival Austria

Recently on July 18 a very exclusive Body Art Competition Exhibition and Body Paintings Festival held in Austria, Europe. Austria always inspire the body paintings and work for the world wide publicity. It was one of the world's largest festival of Body art. Body Art Artists from 50 different countries attended this great festival. Each of the model turned an ordinary person into an artistic object. Some of the very beautiful photos of this festival is presented here.

Body Art Exhibition, butterfly girl with full of green leaves and bird in the head.
Exhibition Body Paintings two beautiful girl. Click to view their full body paintings. There are lots of varied color and stroke of brush.
Body Paintings natural girl, full body painted girl in the nature.
Body Art Competition. Two body art model pose their painted back side.
Man full Body Paintings rude, acting like he is aggressive.
Body Art Paintings Festival Austria. Look at the color variation and artistic work of the Artist. You may like-Body Art Painting Fashion Festival Kiev Ukraine
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