Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rob Lowe Shoulder Tattoo

Rob Lowe is an American actor, known for his role in movies including Tommy Boy, Wayne's World and The Outsiders.

Rob Lowe has a single visible tattoo, which is rumored to have started as a heart, and then later with additional artwork.

Why Butterfly Tattoo?

Butterfly TattooTattoo art forms are in fashion all over the world especially in countries the U.S. and Europe. Trendy and decorative tattoo designs are the choice of every next person. In addition, the choice is not lacking. Tattoos are available in several designs and sizes, so you do not have to worry about how to decorate your body. Some of the most fashionable contemporary tattoos are butterfly tattoo designs, dragon tattoo designs, tribal tattoo design, cross tattoo designs, henna tattoo designs, and religious tattoo designs, long list!

Butterflies have essentially been regarded as a style statement for years together. Whether it's clothing, accessories, luggage, or jewelry, this lovely creature has managed to establish a creative idea. Vibrant colors of the butterfly sported on you would make you look hot. Butterfly tattoo designs are very colorful and have a nice blend of eye-catching colors.

Tattoos with butterfly pictures will leave you in confusion for election. Some of the coolest designs butterfly tattoo is a tribal butterfly tattoo, butterfly fairy tattoos, lower back butterfly tattoo, butterfly tattoo animal tattoo butterfly and Celtic. Tribal butterfly tattoos are generally influenced by ancestral art from local and indigenous tribes. Tribal art comes from the large clans or tribes from Ireland and Scotland and even some tribes of Borneo. Butterflies since many ages was associated with fairies. Butterfly wings are considered fairy wings and vice versa. A butterfly really represents a multi-colored picture Mother Nature itself. Therefore, this design butterfly fairy tattoo even more popular especially with women and modern men.

butterfly tattoo designs have held a special place in the heart of a woman. Among the preferred design, butterfly tattoo designs are one of the favorites. Butterfly tattoo designs come in a wide and color formats, from two fast for the colorful. Typically, a company tattoo on the arm or shoulder blades do not care that the permanent or not. This will increase the sense of energetic if you tattoo designs butterfly tattoo on neck or ankle. But you have to pay the price to take the pain of the needle to the coolness.

They are the subject of creative expression and a mixture of colors is very unique and expressive. Butterfly tattoo designs are all about taking the butterfly in the kingdom of fashion and combining with the art form. The butterfly tattoos not only interest the world's women, but among the artists selected design as well. Permanently or temporarily attached, and even body painting, tattoo designers love to play with colors that make the wings of a butterfly.

Some butterfly tattoo only lasted a few days and can be cleaned off by the paint remover, some of them just need soap and water to disappear. Body painted butterfly tattoo designs are not very lasting and thus give a better chance of varieties. Regardless of the type of butterfly tattoo designs, always among the best design as one can have fun with colors that are not possible with other designs.

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Occasionally in my wanderings, I will meet not just tattooed people, but tattoo practitioners, and often those visiting from outside of New York City.

So it was no surprise, when I approached a gentleman across the street from where I work, at 31st and 7th, to learn that I was talking to an artist.

Working out of Punkteur Tattoos & Piercing in Joplin, Missouri, Derek "Dirtbird" Wieberg estimates he has 130-150 hours of work inked on his personal canvas.

With so much to choose from, he offered up this piece, on the right side of his neck:

It seemed fitting, considering his name.

Dirtbird praised the artist, Rick Pierceall at Karma Tattoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who has done all of his throat work.

Considering it is Two-for-Tattoosday, I'll share this photo as well:

That's not Dirtbird, but it's his handiwork! The owner of this tattoo is Shawn, who had the good fortune to be inked by Dirtbird. They collaborated on the design together.

Thanks to Dirt Bird and Shawn for sharing their tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

Tune in tomorrow to see a tattoo from Katie, aka Mrs. Dirtbird!

Body Painting Brick

Body PaintingBody Painting Brick # 1

Body PaintingBody Painting Brick # 2

Monday, November 29, 2010

Graffiti Alphabet Letters In The Embodiment S

Graffiti Alphabet Letters In The Embodiment S
a large canvas created a work of graffiti alphabet letters with shades of varying colors that appear so fascinating because it highlights the affected color glitter lamps made more prominent and sharp.

works of graffiti alphabet letters with the preparation of a neat look to form a letter that is not familiar to us, namely the letter S

Any form of letters that we want we can pour such as the above works, you try to do to get better results and maximal.

please try right now, do not delay ...

Courtney Love Tattoos

Courtney Love is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actress, known as the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Hole.

Courtney Love has a smattering of tattoos on her body, including an angel and two hearts on her back right shoulder, several small cherry blossoms on her arms and chest, plus the words "Let it Bleed" on her right bicep.

Her other tattoos include, the letter "K" on her stomach and a flower ankle bracelet around her left ankle.

Graffiti Fonts 2010

Graffiti Fonts1
Graffiti Fonts2
Graffiti Fonts3
The use of fonts in the work of graffiti art really make progress is forward rapidly and great, because with the use of these fonts can be produced graffiti artwork of all kinds with different inspirations, too.

Please for the visitors of our respected for providing input and comment, thank you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ride the Cyclone!

In college we had a game room at the Student Union.

I claimed to be a master at Arkanoid, but would occasionally play pinball. Earthshaker was fun, but there was another, carnival-themed game that would often beckon, "Ride the Cyclone!" It was, naturally, called The Cyclone.

Fast forward ten years and I would be residing in Brooklyn, home to Coney Island and the original Cyclone.

Despite having been in close proximity a number of times, I've never gone for a ride.

I was reminded of this back in September when I met Matt at the top of the escalator at the Penn Plaza Borders store.

He shared this amazing tattoo:

This is, of course, the Cyclone.

Matt is working on a Coney Island/"Carnie" theme, having lived in Brooklyn most of his adult life. Thus, the Astroland tower behind the Cyclone in the tattoo. Next up: the Wonder Wheel and the Parachute Jump, other Coney Island attractions.

He sent along a photo of the tattoo when it was initially finished:

Matt credits this tattoo to Ping at Village Rock Tattoo in Manhattan.

Thanks to Matt for sharing this great tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Woman Body Paint with Butterfly Design

Woman Body Paint with Butterfly DesignWoman Body Paint with Butterfly Design # 1

Woman Body Paint with Butterfly DesignWoman Body Paint with Butterfly Design # 2

Woman Body Paint with Butterfly DesignWoman Body Paint with Butterfly Design # 3

Woman Body Paint with Butterfly DesignWoman Body Paint with Butterfly Design # 4

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Best Body Painting Wallpaper

Best Body Painting Wallpaper

Body Painting Wallpaper.

Body Painting: Air Brush Wot's New!

Body painting done at Exibition Centre Darling Harbour Wayne spent 3 full day bodypainting for a corporate promotion. With Male and Female models.

Emily Svec Body Paint - Des Moines Iowa
Emily Svec Body Paint.

Amazingly Realistic Body Paint

Amazingly Realistic Body Paint

Amazingly Realistic Body Paint_1

Amazingly Realistic Body Paint_2

John Vargas is an Ecuadorian painter and photographer who does body painting on models and by looking at his work, I can tell that he's very good at what he does. Take a look at the images and see for yourself. More pictures below.

Emma Hack's Designs Take Up To 19 Hours

Emma Hack is a 35 year old body painter from Australia. She has been painting bodies for 20 years (yes, since her teens!), and some of her designs take up to 19 hours to produce.

Superheroes Body Painted

If you're a comic books fan, this stuff is for you: superheroes painted on bodies and girls dressed/painted as super hero gals.

Superheroes Body Painted

Superheroes Body Painted_1

Superheroes Body Painted_2

Unique Body Paint

Unique Body Paint.

Art Of Erotic Body Paint

Many in the world of art that are free to express ideas and creative artists. One of them is the art of body paint! That if women in the second image this shirt is not at all.

Art Of Erotic Body Paint_1
Art Of Erotic Body Paint_2

Body Painting: Sexiest Beach Woman

Fantasy Fest - Body Paint on Duval

Fantasy Fest  - Body Paint on Duval

Fantasy Fest

Body Paint on Duval

Fantasy Fest 2007 is well under way and Key West is hopping with partiers, body paint, and costumes. This year's Alice in Wonderland theme is revealing itself (pun intented) with fun body art and creative costumes.

Body Paint: Marissa Miller

Body Paint: Marissa Miller

Marissa Miller and other smokin hot, magically babe-licious broads participated in a Sports Illustrated paint on swimsuit photo shoot. Thanks to Sports Frog for bringing this to my attention.

This Hottie Wearing Nothing But Body Paint

Smell, and touch paint. Some of it was even hard to take from my hands and hair. Aha, take a look at this hottie wearing nothing but body paint.

Body Painting: Libra

Body Painting: Air Brush

Body Painting: Air Brush

Body Air Brush

Sexy Lingerie Body Paint Illusion

I hope all of you are mature enough to understand it. Even if these models were completely nak#d. It is professionally painted to appear that she is wearing clothes. Amazing isn't it?

Cool Body Painting

Cool Body Painting.

Female Body Painting Art

Female Body Painting Art

Female Body Painting Art_1

Female Body Painting Art Body art pictures Painted body art.

Sweden & Japan Body Painting

Body painting of international soccer jersey of Japan and Sweden.

In Venezuelan Festival, Bodies Become Art

Venezuela recently hosted the 4th annual World Body Art Encounter (Encuentro mundial de arte corporal). Participating in the event were 32 artists from 16 different countries. After a kickoff in Caracas last Friday, the event will tour different parts of the country.

By some accounts, body painting is a practice that dates back hundreds of years in Venezuela. The artist Penelope Rivera from Mexico said, “Venezuela is a country which has a lot of body art with ethnic characteristics, and I think we have to rescue them and integrate them into modern life.”
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